Monday, August 24, 2009

Class 11-(A rollercoaster of thoughts and ideas)

Most of us have a pretty simple objective till class 10.The main goal till then is to pass the board examinations with flying colors.But after that,in class 11 everything changes. I am telling this in reference to my country(India) where competition is very tough and parents expect their children to excel in every field of education.Enormous burden are put on these children and they have to excel in board exams as well as get a good rank in the competitive examinations.There are three very distinct fields of education in science,those being Engineering,Medical and Academic fields.A student is most confused during this period as he/she cannot understand which field to opt for.Due to the commercial success of engineering,many are considering engineering as a career option without giving it a second thought(although,the global recession has decreased such a possibility!!),but beware dismal failure may be awaiting those who do not understand their aptitude and opt for engineering.I know one of my relatives who is an engineer and he lost a whopping Rs 18 lacs($36,000) while setting up his own company.The companies which were to pay his dues declined to do so,and he cannot even take the case to court(Do you know how much lawyers charge these days!!).Thus he is in a terrible situation and he is a graduate from one of the most prestigious institutions in India,IIT Kharagpur.   Ironically,one of the companies which cheated him is owned by the government itself(I hope they are not reading this).This is the situation of engineering.In medical profession the seats are highly limited.Those graduating from government colleges are sure to get a job but one from a private medical college without proper training may struggle very much.Moreover, biological science is a vast subject requiring good memory(good memory-enough to remember 2000 pages of biology in small font along with physics and chemistry books).Most of us do not have the  aptitude to do medical course.The third option to a student is the general academic course,which itself is a vast field.The academic course is for students who are really bright and want to pursue higher education.It requires tremendous dedication and effort and often success comes late.So, it is common for a student to be confused,especially if he is unaware of the current situation.Decision to pursue a career if taken in haste, can result in a big failure.I would request you to make yourself familiar with the situation and then choose what you really want to do.

In my next post I would highlight the main features of these three fields and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, its 24th August 2009,a boring lazy day in the calendar.I decided that i should do something better than sleep the day off. Truly speaking, my examinations are just round the corner,but who wants to study all day when the sky is overcast.So,i decided to create this blog to breathe in a little fresh air.Let's see how it goes!!